Boutique Whitening

Discover a Whiter Brighter Smile

Boutique Whitening is a premium quality whitening gel that delivers superior results, with a noticeable improvement in just a few days.

Boutique Whitening has been designed to fit in with your lifestyle. Now you can whiten your teeth, your way. You can opt for Boutique By Day, which works with only 1 hour of wear time per day. Alternatively, you can choose Boutique By Night and whiten your teeth as you sleep.

Unique Engineered Whitening Gel

There are a number of key features that make Boutique Whitening the number one choice for many dentists and patients:

  • Boutique uses the highest strength formula available for rapid results
  • pH neutral gels to protect the teeth
  • Integrated potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity
  • High water content to keep teeth hydrated
  • Thicker gels to prevent saliva-washout

How Does It Work?

Boutique Whitening uses a double-action formula to give you a beautiful white smile.

Our gels break down to form Oxygen ions that remove the surface stain, whilst also penetrating deep into the tooth, whitening from the inside out.

How White Will My Teeth Go?

Because everyone is unique, and their teeth are different shades, to begin with, you must see your dentist who will explain which product will work best for you, and what results can realistically be achieved.

Ask your dentist today about Boutique Whitening.



When you brush with BioMin, the bioglass bonds to your teeth and releases minerals over the following 12 hours. This process remineralises and protects the teeth, making them ten times more resistant to acid attack, and reducing sensitivity.


  • Halt the effects of early tooth decay.
  • Decrease Sensitivity.
  • Prolong the effects of tooth whitening.


  • Use morning and night for 2 weeks, prior to, and throughout, the teeth whitening process.
  • BioMin can be used in place of your normal toothpaste going forward.
  • You can buy Boutique BioMin Toothpaste from your dental practice.



Open tubules in the tooth


Surface is sealed with the minerals


The surface remains sealed

Evidence to show the effects of Boutique Biomin Toothpaste

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth whitening works by using peroxide-based whitening agents. Firstly, we take some moulds and make bespoke,
very close-fitting whitening trays that fit over your teeth.

We have 2 different types of whitening formulas. The Boutique by Day you wear for an hour and a half a day, and we have several Boutique by Night formulas which whiten your teeth as you sleep. You can choose depending on what suits you best. Both types of treatment will give you the same fantastic results.

Only a dental professional can use Boutique Whitening. These products are around 60 times stronger than over the counter products, or those that you order from the internet, so you can be assured of a great result.

If you finish the entire whitening kit you can expect your teeth to go very white. The beauty about home whitening is that you are in control. Once your teeth are whitened to a shade you are happy with then simply stop whitening.

Your teeth will stay white for between 6 months to a year before they gradually start to fade back to their original shade. It depends on your habits. Drinking coffee, and red wine, eating heavily coloured foods and smoking, are some of the habits that will cause your teeth to become stained and discoloured faster. A simple top-up treatment is all that is required to get your teeth whiter again.

Boutique Whitening by Day is a 6% hydrogen peroxide gel. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down very quickly and most of the whitening effect takes place in the first half an hour, but in order to get the full effect of the gel, we recommend at least 1.5 hours of wear time.

Boutique by Night is carbamide peroxide-based gels which break down more slowly. We have several different strengths of gel all designed for overnight wear so you can whiten as you sleep.

The boutique also manufactures a 4.25% Hybrid Pro gel. This is a blend of 4.25% hydrogen peroxide and 4.25% carbamide peroxide. This gel is designed to be worn overnight and delivers a gentle nudge with the hydrogen to get things started, whilst the carbamide slowly ramps up, to deliver a powerful dose of whitening, but very gently, as you sleep.

Make sure you have the prices to hand and understand the finance costs if it is something you offer.

Tooth whitening is one of the most heavily researched products in the dental industry. It does not cause any damage
to the teeth at all. The boutique is a professional whitening product manufactured to industry standards, it is very safe to

Tooth whitening will only whiten your teeth. Any crowns and fillings on your front teeth will most likely need replacing after your teeth have been whitened as they will not whiten. You will need to speak to the dentist to see what this might involve.

When you have your teeth whitened, there is often a degree of sensitivity. Some people get occasional flashes of discomfort. Some get discomfort that requires them to stop whitening or take over-the-counter painkillers. If you do experience sensitivity, we do have some serums and toothpaste that work very well to reduce these effects. If your teeth are generally sensitive, then please discuss this with your dentist when you attend, as they will likely recommend that you use the serum and toothpaste prior to whitening.

We do not recommend that you change your diet whilst whitening. The only thing we would say is not to eat heavily coloured food for an hour or so after taking your trays out. After that, you can eat and drink as usual. Just something to be aware of, keeping your teeth white after teeth whitening requires a little care and attention in your dietary and social habits. Ensuring good oral hygiene is important, but watching what you eat or drink is just as critical. Red wine, sports drinks, tea and coffee, soft drinks and curries are just some of the foods that can cause staining of your teeth.

The products you order online are legally only allowed to be sold with a maximum of 0.1% peroxide, which is too little to
whiten your teeth. Professional whitening products are up to 60 times stronger than this and will definitely give you a
better result. There are also many horror stories of unlicensed and unregulated products causing burns and scars to cheeks, lips and gums when used incorrectly so definitely best to steer clear of anything that isn’t issued by a dentist.

Whitening your teeth does take some work on your part, and some commitment to the process. Laser, or in surgery whitening, promises to offer instant results. Whilst your teeth may be whiter when you leave the surgery, the results are rarely long-lasting because the whitening effect in these cases is usually down to the teeth being dehydrated. For the best results, and more long-lasting results, home whitening is the gold standard treatment with decades of evidence behind it.

Each syringe of Boutique Whitening should last around 5 days when whitening the upper and lower teeth.
If you use too much gel, it may leak, causing sensitivity owing to irritation of the gums.
If you use too little, the teeth may not whiten very well.

Dentist-supervised home whitening is a gradual process, so you can decide quite easily when you are happy with the
shade of your teeth and when you would like to stop the process.

With teeth whitening, even when the teeth become very white, they should still look natural and pleasing without looking fake. This effect is often owing to the use of overly white porcelain crowns or veneer, which are often more opaque and less natural-looking than your own teeth.

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