Fees Guide 2022

New patient examination (includes 2 small x-rays)£75
Routine examination£45
Children’s examination (under 16) *free
Small digital low dose x-ray£15
Implant consultation£150
Cosmetic consultation **£50
Orthodontic consultation **£50
Sedation consultation£50
Oral surgery consultation with the specialist oral surgeon£50 – £75
Emergency appointment (new patients)£98
Nerve dressing / medication for tooth in pain including temporary filling ***
  • incisor/canine £50
  • premolar £75
  • molar £100
Out of hours emergency call out fee£300
Prescription and medication£20
Hygiene clean – 30 minutes £68
Aquacare polish and hygiene clean £98
Composite bonding from £150
Composite veneer from £270
Tooth-coloured filling (composite) – 1 surface from £150
Tooth-coloured filling (composite) – 2+ surfaces from £180
Silver metal filling (amalgam) – 1 surface from £130
Silver metal filling (amalgam) – 2+ surface from £150
Fluoride-releasing filling from £85
Ceramic veneer from £799
Porcelain-metal crown from £699
All ceramic crown from £799
Ceramic inlay/onlay from £799
Gold crown from £899
Gold inlay/onlay from £899
Contouring (per tooth) £50
Post and/or core build-up £100 each
Fixed aligner (per arch)from £2500
Invisalign / clear aligners (per arch)from £1600
Inman aligner (per arch)from £1600
Removable orthodontic retainer (per arch)£149
Fixed orthodontic retainer (per arch)£249
Home whitening with bleaching trays – Boutique £495
Home whitening with bleaching trays – Boutique – B1 Guarantee £595
Internal and external whitening for a grey/discoloured tooth – Boutique £645
In-surgery whitening (trays not included) £249
Express whitening trays from laboratory – within 5 working days £50
Refill syringe – Boutique £45
Replacement whitening trays (per arch) £159
White spot removal (ICON) per arch from £300
Conscious sedation£350 first hour – £125 each additional half-hour
Incisor (front tooth)£450
Premolar (middle tooth)£550
Molar (back tooth)£650
Re-root canal treatmentadd £100 to above
Consultation with dentist with special interest in root canal treatment£100
Simple extractionfrom £155
Simple surgical extraction£250
Routine extraction with Specialist Oral Surgeon£300
Complex extraction with Specialist Oral Surgeon£350
Upper wisdom tooth extraction with Specialist Oral Surgeon£275
Lower wisdom tooth extraction with Specialist Oral Surgeon£350
Impacted wisdom tooth extraction with Specialist Oral Surgeon£400
All 4 wisdom teeth extractions with Specialist Oral Surgeon£1100
Apicectomy – with Specialist Oral Surgeon£450
Acrylic denturefrom £790
Cobalt chrome denturefrom £1250
Flexible acrylic denturefrom £990
Immediate acrylic denturefrom £360
Conventional bridge£699 per unit
Adhesive bridgefrom £895
Implant£2900 (includes crown)
Bone graftingfrom £500
Full gum rehabilitation and disinfection (first deep clean) £195 per session
Maintenance cleaning (regular deep cleaning every 3 months) £98 per session
Crown lengtheningfrom £250
Gum recontouringfrom £175
Gum depigmentation£395
Pink filling – used to replace receding gumsfrom £150
Night guard £149
B-splint £395
Michigan splint £590
TMJ pain consultation with Specialist Oral Surgeon £275
Recement crown£80
Sports guard£120
Repair of denturefrom £150
Addition of tooth to a denturefrom £150
Relining of denturefrom £150
Study modelsfrom £50
Diagnostic wax-up£25 per tooth
Fissure sealant – preventative procedure to seal grooves of tooth ****£42
IntraVita therapy
  • IM shot from £30
  • IV therapy from £150
Aesthetic consultation complimentary
Wrinkle relaxing injections from £195
Lip enhancement from £300
Dermal fillers from £300
Medical microneedling from £190
Acne treatment please enquire for details
Aqualyx fat dissolving treatment from £250
Hyperhidrosis (management for excessive sweating) £450
Sclerotherapy (leg vein treatment) from £200
Migraine treatment from £350
Masseter reduction / TMJ pain / teeth grinding from £265
Minor surgery e.g. skin tag removal from £85

* Only if parent or guardian is an active patient at the practice

** Deducted from total cost of treatment if you decide to go ahead with treatment

*** Deducted from total cost of root canal treatment if you decide to go ahead with treatment

**** Under 16 discount does not apply